Ашрапов Улуғбек Товфиқович
PhD in Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher

Аnnotation. Gamma-flaw detectors Gammarid-192/120М with ionizing radiation sources of iridium-192
(Ir-192) are widely used for nondestructive testing (NDT) of various products. Currently, the development
and manufacturing of domestic import-substituting sources Ir-192 activity 50÷120 Ci and their complete set with
Gammarid- 192/120М gamma-flaw detectors is one of the topical issues. The aim of the research is to develop a
technology for producing a radionuclide Ir-192 with a high specific activity (from 53 to 126 Ci / g) at a WWR-SM
nuclear reactor by irradiating metal disks of natural iridium with neutrons, to develop a technology for manufacturing
sealed sources of ionizing radiation Ir-192 and their complete set with gamma flaw detectors Gammarid-192/120M.
To obtain the Ir-192 radionuclide with a high specific activity in the WWR-SM reactor, the flux densities of thermal
neutrons in the vertical channels of the reactor and the distribution of the flux density of thermal neutrons along the
vertical channels were determined. In this regard, a small-sized thermal neutron sensor TND-2,0 has been used.
Tight source Ir-192 was made. Source Ir-192 with Gammarid-192/120М gamma flaw detector has been completed.
ТЕХНИКА ФАНЛАРИИлм-фан ва инновацион ривожланиш / 2019 №4 62
The source Ir-192 with Gammarid-192/120М gamma flаw detector was used for nondestructive testing (NDT)
of the welding quality of a test sample of a metal pipe (diameter 219 mm and wall thickness 8.0 mm) with a weld
through two walls. For gamma-radiography, “Kodak Industrex” AA400 type X-ray films with lead screens, groove
standards, densitometer DNS-2 and various dosimeters have been used. As result of NDT of metal pipe sample,
x-ray images of gamma-radiography in sensitivity and quality, corresponding to the requirements of Russian and
international standards under NDT were obtained.
Key words: nuclear reactor, neutrons, irradiation, Ir-192 radionuclide, ionizing radiation source, gamma flaw
detector, nondestructive testing