On September 11, the Ministry of Innovative Development awarded the winners of the competition announced by the scientific, technical, spiritual and educational, popular magazine “Technologies of the XXI century” under the motto “Talents discovered on quarantine”.
All participants of the competition were awarded memorable prizes and certificates from the editors of the ‘Technology of the XXI Century’ magazine.
The competition lasted from 15 to 31 August. The purpose of the competition was to identify the interests of young people during the quarantine period in our country. According to the terms of the competition, participants should effectively use the time in quarantine period and send a video or photo showing how they play sports, learn crafts, demonstrate artistic abilities, or work on an invention. Persons aged 5 to 25 were eligible to take part in the competition.

During the established period, interesting videos and photographs were received from about 200 participants. The best of them were selected and posted on the Telegram channel “Technologies of the XXI century”. Evaluating the skills of the participants, they were divided into the following nominations #inventor # artist # useful quarantine # musician # culinary specialist # athlete # artist.
Following the official part of the event, the participants were invited to an excursion in the new building of the Ministry of Innovative Development.