These days, many interesting innovative projects were presented as part of 2020 – Week of Innovative Ideas, organized by the Ministry of Innovative Development. The “hero” lying on the large screen of the resuscitation table at the entrance to the exhibition hall, equipped with modern technology, attracts the attention of many. As this project also attracted our attention, we asked Jamol Ergashev, a leading specialist in the Department of Health and Development of the Ministry of Innovative Development, to provide additional information about this innovative technology.
“It is the Body Interact platform, created by Portuguese company Take The Wind, which is a Virtual Patient program with the main goal of providing virtual learning opportunities for medical students. This platform is very well designed and all instructions are given as an algorithm.
Imagine that a virtual patient has come to your appointment. He will tell you what his complaint is. Naturally, you will receive analytical analyzes from him in order to assess the patient’s condition. You can perform all operations like phonedoscope or x-ray, MSCT, CT, virtually on this desktop. The results of the patient analysis are received. There is a change in the lungs. When we checked the oxygen saturation of the blood, we found that the saturation had decreased. This means that the patient’s symptoms are similar to those of the coronavirus.
In the clinic, the imagination and virtual examination of the patient. It is important to note that the patient is given a certain amount of time for examination and treatment. It also instills in future doctors the need to act quickly to save lives. In addition to making a diagnosis to a patient within a specified period, it is necessary to apply therapeutic measures. Students should assess the patient’s condition.
The Virtual Patient Platform is a must-have basic guide for level 3 students. The platform enhances distance clinical education in a virtual state. There are a number of medical institutions and universities in our country. Thousands of students graduate from them every year and start working independently. A person can be perfect only if he works on his mistakes. But a doctor has no right to be wrong. He is the person responsible for human life. To do this, you need to gain experience and work on yourself. The “virtual patient” can be just such an experimental field. As a result, they are ready to receive a real patient. On this platform, the student has the opportunity to study in detail the clinical status and symptoms of all diseases and how to treat them.
The platform can perform at least 100 blood and biochemical analyzes. Equipped with about 30 medical equipment. Interestingly, depending on the status of the “virtual patient”, you can apply the necessary procedures through the pharmacy. He says that if you treat him right, he will get better. Conversely, if you choose the wrong medicine, the patient’s condition will worsen. At the end of the treatment process, the platform provides estimates for each disease focus. This means that the student will have the opportunity to independently assess their knowledge.
Additional Information. There is also a call on the screen, with the help of which the doctor can communicate with a narrow circle of specialists (nutritionist, endocrinologist, surgeon, etc.).
A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Innovative Development, the Ministry of Health and Take The Wind on the free use of the platform for 3 months for teachers and students of higher educational institutions of the country.