The Ministry of Innovative Development has Scientific and Technical Councils for the examination of 16 disciplines and start-up projects, as well as the Council for the study the construction materials.

The regular meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council for the examination of start-up projects, chaired by the Minister of Innovative Development Ibrokhim Abdurakhmonov, discussed the issue of rotation of the Scientific and Technical Council. The meeting was attended by the elected chairman, a deputy chairman and a scientific secretary of the Council. The leadership and the membership of NTC were approved by the order of the minister.

At the meeting, I. Abdurakhmonov emphasized that the members of the Scientific and Technical Council should sign a commitment to ensure full compliance with all applicable laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including anti-corruption laws and other regulations, as well as those ensuring transparency and fairness when considering each project.

The meeting participants were also updated on the contests of start-up projects initiated by the Ministry, project requirements, primary technical and financial expertise of projects.