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Publishing house

About the Innovative Development Publishing House

The State Unitary Enterprise “Publishing House and Printing House of Innovative Development” was set in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 17, 2018 No. 54 with the view to consistently introduce innovative ideas and developments in all spheres of state and public life, as well as to take an active part the development of up-to-date information materials.

The publishing house was set by the ministry and constitutes its part. Its main function is to perform various publishing and printing services at a professional level. Currently the publishing house is working on creation of two periodicals: the scientific journal “Science and Innovative Development” and the scientific and technical, spiritual and educational, popular magazine for children and adolescents “Technologies of the XXI Century”, as well as scientific monographs, booklets, dissertations, textbooks etc.

Our team

The success of any development depends, first of all, on the coherence of a team of professionals.


Mansur Tursunov

Chief Editor
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Hilola Saloyeva

Executive Secretary

Sevara Аbdullayeva

We hire professionals.