Afzalbek Matkarimov, a 6th grade student of the Music and Art School No. 36 of the Khankai District of the Khorezm Region, became the next winner of the Quarantine Talents competition.

It is inevitable that each work of art will directly fill the viewer with long reflections, enter the world of fantasy, bring spiritual nourishment and aesthetic pleasure. Especially the works of young artists will give you a different mood and invite you to sweet childhood memories. The vitality, desire to live and beauty in their paintings will enchant and captivate art lovers. Same? Afzalbek’s works also made a great impression on the editors.

“As a child, I dreamed of becoming an artist in the future,” Afzalbek says. – My parents have always encouraged my interest in art. The quarantine period gave me the opportunity to work more on myself and discover new creative samples. Naturally, there are times when you can sit in one place for a long time on the selected field. As a result, the body can become tense. Therefore, in order to prevent such incidents, I also go in for swimming. I began to study English in depth, as they say, a person who knows the language knows.

My father always said: “A young man has less than forty professions.” Therefore, my brother and I are independently engaged in beekeeping at home. I learned how to care for them and what to do to grow more honey. Interestingly, my father and brother told us that we can separate the bees, sell the honey we received from them, and use the proceeds for our own needs. Frankly speaking, I was very interested in this process. During quarantine, the bees gave me a lot of pleasure. I have watched their tireless activities. I was even reflected in my paintings. In addition, this activity turned me into a small entrepreneur. Therefore, I took part in the Tashabbus 2019 competition to test my abilities. As a result, I became the winner in the “Youngest Entrepreneur” nomination.

We hope that in the future Afzalbek will become a world-famous artist and a successful entrepreneur.