This year, the Ministry of Innovative Development has proceeded to funding of innovative projects aimed at making and commercialization of the innovative produce. Authors of 115 completed scientific projects made reports aimed at preparation of feasibility studies for implemented developments and production of industrial models of their research developments. 51 out of presented projects have been selected as promising.
According to findings of financial and economic and technical examination of selected projects as well as based on opinions of representatives of economic branches, the Ministry of Innovative Development has allocated 19, 037 billion Uzbek soums to fund 37 projects for the development of innovative products and their commercialization. Industries and private sector invested 1.9 billion soums in 13 projects.
In particular, to turn the Choost district of the Namangan region into an innovation area, the projects will introduce an innovative chisel cultivator, a potato digger, a fiber quality separator, industrial models of micro hydroelectric power plants without hydraulic pumps, and pumpkin processing technologies. Moreover, a project for setting up of an innovative screening center for the detection of cancer diseases in the Choost district has been also financed.