Usually, when the pipe bursts and the water seeps into the surface, repairmen arrive, dig up the site, dismantle the road, and dig around to find the faulty site, as if searching for treasure. When they find a place to work, they bury them again by welding or tying them with clamps. If the pipe is very old and rotten and water leaks everywhere, it is completely removed and new pipes are laid.

As a result, smooth roads are damaged and excessive costs are incurred. In addition, roads are blocked to prevent technical failures, which can lead to congestion. All this is inconvenient for the local population. So what is the most innovative solution to this situation that you and I are familiar with?

– We will approach this problem through a new two-stage technology, – says the head of the Maya International joint venture Khurshid Turdaliev. – The first is that satellite technology detects underground erosion that we do not see, and with the help of imported equipment determines the exact point of the crack in the water pipe. Then the same place is dug about a meter. Once the condition of the water pipe has been thoroughly inspected, if the rest of the pipe is still in good condition, it can be repaired in place by clamping or welding. If the pipe is found to be unusable, in the second stage, a special liquid is added to the part to be replaced without breaking the asphalt. As a result, a new pipe is formed inside the pipe, and the new pipe will last for another 50 years. Only two wells are drilled: one is filled with material and the other with excess waste.

It should be noted that the State Unitary Enterprise “Directorate of Innovative Technopark” Yashnabad “under the Ministry of Innovation Development widely supports such projects and supports ideas. The unitary enterprise is widely engaged in chemical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronics, robotics, traditional and alternative energy sources, food industry, agricultural engineering, medicine, construction and other areas.

It should be noted that the State Unitary Enterprise and residents are exempt from income and property taxes and the single tax on innovative projects implemented throughout the life of the technopark. In addition, as part of the implementation of innovative projects, they are exempted from customs duties on equipment, raw materials, reagents, components and construction materials that are not produced in our country, brought for their own production needs. Such benefits allow scientists and professionals to work freely on the idea and introduce new startups into our lives.

– At present, the projects aimed at the production of 11 construction products in the Technopark have a resident status, – said Farhod Jumaev of SUE “Directorate of Innovative Technopark” Yashnabad “. – Production of world-famous construction 3D printers, transparent window protection devices using aircraft technology, production of sulfur bitumen pavement (asphalt) and sulfur concrete several times stronger than ordinary asphalt, chlorode gas fire, which does not harm people and electronic devices Work is underway on the production of injection systems, “Liquid Granite”, corrugated pipes with a diameter of up to 1800 mm and other projects. In this regard, the volume of products produced in 2020 amounted to 78.9 billion soums, exports – 6.8 billion soums, and 150 new jobs were created.

Now back to the innovative project. Maya International JV was established in 2019 in cooperation with the Israeli company Maya International Holistic Solutions under the auspices of SUE Suvsoz. To date, the company’s special program – satellite – has detected about 1,200 failures in underground sewers and water pipes in Tashkent. identified, 900 were eliminated on the spot. Water wastage was prevented as a result of anticipation of invisible faults in underground water pipes and their timely correction by the city administration and SUE “Suvsoz”. To date, about 4 billion soums have been saved.

The joint venture is expected to quadruple that figure by 2024, from $ 1 million in 2020 through direct investment.