Building a house or structure requires a lot of money, labor and labor. However, in our country such an innovative technology has been developed, with the help of which buildings that can be built in a few months can be built in a few days without harming the environment with less effort and less money. These innovative devices are 3D printers.

In fact, performing various processes on 3D hardware is nothing new. The reason is that this method was used to produce glue many years ago. However, the construction of buildings using this equipment is carried out in several countries around the world.

Such projects are widely permitted in the Yashnabad Technopark, created under the Ministry of Innovative Development on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 5, 2017 “On the Creation of an Innovative Technopark in the Yashnabad District of Tashkent.” One of them is Novaprint. The company, which has been a resident of the technopark since 2019, ranks sixth in the world, the second largest in the CIS and currently the only one in Uzbekistan that produces construction 3D printers. In addition, the store specializes in the production of special mixtures for printers, as well as small architectural forms, buildings and their components. The workshop, which uses 100% local products to create the equipment, has the capacity to produce up to 12 printers per year. Simply put, the 3D printer is covered in cement. The equipment dispenses the mixture in the prescribed form through the built-in tap.

This process involves two workers who operate the equipment and deliver the mixture to it.

What are the advantages of a 3D home over a traditional home?

Housing has been valued for a long time. This is because space and comfort at home are very important for hospitable people. When someone starts building a house, hashar and help are still going on in most mahallas. But, while having significant advantages, you should be aware of some of the disadvantages. Feeding the craftsmen twice a month, waiting for the house to be ready for a long time, spending money on building materials, etc. Refreshes the person who is about to start building. So what are the benefits of a 3D printer and the buildings it uses that are described as affordable, high quality, and fast?

A building created with 3D printers has many advantages, ”said Novaprint specialist Jakhongir Yuliev. – Firstly, a house can be built with two workers, and not with 5-6 people. Secondly, the possibility of construction in the short term. Let’s say 3 people can build an area of ​​100-120 square meters in 48-72 working hours. Thirdly, in the process of work, the object must be kept clean, fully comply with sanitary rules, and the main advantage is not to lose sight of its affordability. More importantly, it is 30 percent cheaper than a simple brick building. The earthquake of residential and social facilities built using this innovation was confirmed at the level of 8.6. In addition, the customer can build a building up to 9 meters high in any shape anywhere. Buildings built in this style have a lifespan of up to 50 years.

Multifunctional innovation

As mentioned above, this company is the first to offer such innovative equipment not only in Uzbekistan, but also in all CIS countries. Experts say that our 3D printers have more advantages and characteristics than even equipment manufactured in the Russian Federation. For example, a Russian businessman’s printer can build a house from one raw material – concrete. From our local products, 3 to 7 construction works can be carried out at the same time.

For example, if another crane is connected to the end of the machine, the printer can cut metal objects, cut boards, and make patterns. In order to do this on Russian printers, you will need to additionally purchase such equipment. Another important aspect is that our 3D printers can use other cement substitutes. It also makes the building process more accessible.

– Our company produces printing equipment Nova 1, which specializes in the “printing” of small architectural forms, parts of buildings and structures, flower pots, landscape and decorative elements and decorations based on additive technology using a cement mixture. Jakhongir Dzhuliev speaking. – It should be noted that in the production of this printer purely national products are used as raw materials. With the help of Nova 2 equipment, structural parts of buildings with a total area of ​​374 sq.m. meters, and the height of 8 meters will be “printed”, i.e. Currently, a 65 square meter building has been built with this printer as a test. In addition, a production workshop is being built with his help.

The Nova 3 printer specializes in the production of small architectural forms of complex structures using PVC or cement mixtures, as well as car and boat parts using plastic. It is currently being tested for boat casting.

More work is being done on accessibility

One of the plans for the future, the company said, is to use this 3D printer to produce affordable hardware that will appeal to all consumers. What does it mean? There is practically no need for labor. This device, which can operate over a long distance, can be built in the desert if a person pours the mixture next to him.

In the near future, it is planned to develop and produce a special cement-substituting composition. You know, this product is not made of cheap building materials. Fast construction of a house, lack of labor is certainly good. But not everyone can afford to use cement. With this in mind, company nicknames and scientists of the department of cement-concrete mixtures of the Architectural and Construction Institute are working on the development of an alternative.


Sohiba Mullaeva